If a man has multiple sex partners, can all his female or male partners get it?

by renee

My fiancé deliberately gave me herpes. His ex girlfriend advised me to get tested. I did. Now I have herpes 1 and 2! I'M VERY UPSET!!!!! HE KNEW that he had it. He was taking meds. He told me nothing! When I ask him about it, he said nothing. He never addressed it.

I went to the doctors. I was diagnosed with it. I'm baffled because he had many partners. I talked to the last 3 ex-girlfriends and they said that they didn't have herpes.

So, why was I the only one who got it or am I the only one that admitted to it? Also, can I sue him for medical cost?

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Should I Tell the Person I Received Herpes From?

by Allie
(New Jersey)


I was diagnosed about two months ago that I have type 1 herpes in my genital region. I received my diagnosis after I returned from a Study Abroad trip in South America. I had a one night stand with a friend who was a tour guide for my school's group. He and I are Facebook friends now and have chatted once in a while.

I feel like I should tell him, but I'm not sure how to start or if I really should. Also I would need to have this conversation in Spanish. I have a good foundation of Spanish but I'm not extremely fluent. In short, he has type 1 and transferred it to me by oral sex. I'm not sure if it would be wrong not to tell him.



PS thank you so much for posting this site, it has been very helpful in regards to coping with herpes emotionally.

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