Old Love

by Anonymous

I'm 23 years old. I just found out that I have herpes yesterday after 4 days from the last oral sex I had with my ex boyfriend who I'm currently dating casually for 5 months after 3 years of breaking up with him. When I broke the news to him yesterday, he was shocked but he said he is willing to take the responsibility.

We are going through this together and I hope that this is a blessing in disguise. I hope that this will strengthen back our relationship. I was depressed and still am. The blisters hurt so much especially when I'm trying to urinate but I'm trying to cope with it.

My best advice is to read all you can on herpes. It will make you feel better the more you know about it, because we fear things that we do not know. We are going to see the specialist next week for follow up and to get my partner examined as well. We believe it is important to know what we are up against.


Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for sharing your wonderful testimony with us! That's right, in your journey with Herpes it is your responsibility and concern to be knowledgeable about your condition. Not only for the benefit of yourself but also for the protection of those you love.

For starters, our article on what causes Herpes would be a great introduction of what Herpes is all about. You can then follow up with reading about the different treatments and medication available to suppress and cope up with outbreaks. More importantly, we have compiled a Herpes Survival Guide which could definitely help you in living happy and healthily with Herpes.

Truly, you can emerge victorious despite the minor adjustments to your lifestyle and habits. You should never allow this little virus to take control of your life and define who you are. You may be much stronger than you think.



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Sep 20, 2015
I Just wanna overcome Herpes
by: Anonymous

I've been diagnose with VSH 2 two months ago, I feel really bad, I question WHY? I just trust my boyfriend, I feel so sad. I feel I can live with this, but I don't want to transmit it. I really hate the person who give it to me, I don't want someone hate me in the future.
I've read testimonies, and I only want to know what can I do to not transmit VSH 2, I know I must tell to tell my futures partners about it, even telling them,I don't wanna transmit it. Please help me.
Use condoms and suppresive treatment is ok???, but what about oral sex, can I transmit VHS2 to the mouth?? I just wanna be happy again, I wanna be loved again, but I don't wanna hurt anyone.

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