No Way, I Have Herpes?

by Juliette

My vagina had been itching like nothing I had ever felt before. I had just completed medications for bacterial vaginosis and couldn't help but think what the heck did I do to deserve such issues with my vagina. I could only hope for a new one. Then I noticed a small lesion on my "meat curtains" as I called them. I kept telling myself it was a cut from shaving but researched herpes and lesions for hours on end.

That evening I was up at 4 in the morning taking pictures of my sore and comparing to pictures on the Internet. That morning, exhausted and anxious I started noticing I had issues peeing. I could not pee with out severe stinging and assumed it was a UTI. I felt like a mess. First I dealt with bacterial vaginosis, then a yeast, then a lesion, then a freaking UTI!! I decided it was about time I made my way to the walk in clinic and see a doctor.

The doctor examined my urine and told me I was not suffering from a UTI. I was shocked. What was wrong!? I got her to examine my vagina and with the info I had given her and the vaginal examination she was almost positive I had genital herpes. She did a swab and prescribed me Valtrex.

I was pissed, upset, hurt and confused. I filled the prescription and went about my day trying to let this all sink in that I had herpes. I sure did not think it could happen to me. I thought I was invincible. I did research after research even looking at celebrities and herpes. I finally decided to take the positive out of the positive test results for herpes. Now is my time to start leading my life healthy.

I had been jumping in bed with people a little too much recently and finding myself using sex as a drug to fill a void. That void was my own personal happiness and I was on a road of destruction. I feel like herpes was a blessing for me. I am on the road to bettering myself and discovering that peace with in.

It only makes me positive and hopeful for my future and for the wonderful life I have and took for granted. After reading many stories from this website, it made me see a new light. Herpes isn't what it is all hyped up to be. All the negativity that comes along with it makes it worse then the reality of it.

Thanks everyone for the write ups I think it will help everyone understand and deal with the herpes virus! It definitely has helped me!

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