Need a Break- How to Gain Control and Encourage Dormancy

by Megan
(Calgary, Ab, Canada)

I got the news that I was pregnant and had gotten herpes from the same guy at the same time. I was alone and stressed. My daughter and I made it on our own for 4 years. I seemed to suffer more frequently than average. It seemed to be tied to my monthly cycle.

When pregnant I had to take either valtrex or famvir- successfully but seemed to develop resistance. Lysine seems to work if healthy but not guard against when life throws you curves and you lose sleep, fight a cold, deal with extra stress, etc...

I stayed in a miserable marriage for 7 years where I almost lost my mind. This was partly because I thought nobody else would accept me herpes and all. I was a sexual prude most of my life and learned my lesson when married to a man who totally neglected me.

I am divorcing and thinner and happier, more confident than ever. Except I've had every guy I've had "the talk" with have walked away for various reasons. One even said flat out- "great lady, but no thanks because of the herpes". It was harsh but honest, I guess.

I am just at a loss for how to make this bloody virus dormant- at least for a year or two. I need a break from it!!

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