My Recent Herpies Story

by David

A few weeks ago I got a small red rash on my penis. I placed antibiotic cream on it and in a day and a half, it went away. A week later it came back. I am a workout freak so it only happened after a long cardio workout. I went to the doctor and he looked at it and said it was a fungal infection from irritation and sweat; however he still checked it for herpes. The results returned and it was a fungal rash, however he stated that at some point I have been in contact with genital herpes because my body produced the antibody.

I was so devastated I almost threw up. Immediately I told my wife the news. I am so lucky that my wife was so supportive. She told me she loved me and that she doesn't care about it. If we both have it we will work through it and deal with this together, for the sake of our 5 month old daughter. I went back to see a different doctor and both doctors stated they still think my rash is a fungal rash regardless of the test.

My new doctor has ordered new labs for me to take sometime in the next couple of months to ensure it is truly positive. I have yet to have any lesions. My doctor said it is possible for me to go my whole life without an outbreak. After the news I spent so many hours on the internet doing research on herpes, everything was so doom and gloom. I turned the computer and lights off in my office and began to cry (I haven’t cried in years). I cried several times that night and thanked God my wife was there by my side.

I can say that the next couple of days after the news I had never been so depressed in my life. I felt dirty, shocked, like a failure. I couldn't eat nor sleep. I wished so bad that this was all a bad dream. The best thing is that I found this website, reading the stories made me feel so much better, before I would have never posted something like this. I can honestly say this experience so far has changed my whole perspective on life. I think it has brought me and my wife closer together, and the things I thought were a big deal before now don’t seem important anymore.

I think God did this to me for a reason; this has truly changed my thought process for the better. I hope my story helps someone feel better! :)

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