Misdiagnosed with hsv2 but had oral sex with someone who has hsv2?

by Jackie
(New York)

Hi there,

So my doctor misdiagnosed me with herpes a few months ago. Unfortunately, I thought I had herpes so I started dating a friend who had hsv2. I only had one sexual contact with him that involved oral sex both giving and receiving. He did have a mild outbreak exactly the week before (Friday to be exact).

He got Valtrex that Monday but he said he really didn't need it because he was basically all healed up at that time. He did take the antivirals that Monday anyway. Well, I saw him that Friday after his outbreak was over and that is when I had oral sex with him. I did not see any sores at the time. I was also on suppressive therapy at this time. What is my risk in the absence of sores and him being on Valtrex?

(He doesn't take it daily just when he has outbreaks)

Thank you for all your help!!


Dear Jackie,

Seems like your doctor wasn’t so knowledgeable about STDs to have had misdiagnosed you. But the good thing is that you and your partner know what to do and what precautionary measures to take with herpes.

Concerning your question, when a person is on suppressive antiviral therapy, the chances of passing on the herpes virus is greatly reduced. However, because herpes is a tricky little virus, it can still shed on the surface of the skin and not cause any outbreaks.

The times that it does this can be unpredictable but the body has ways of letting us know when an outbreak is coming.

I’ve known a couple of non positive people who have herpes positive partners and still remain to be herpes-free. The trick is to listen to your body and know when an outbreak is approaching.

It’s always recommended to practice safe sex. Perhaps you can ask your partner to consider doubling up on antiviral medication. That’s what I do when sexually active with a non positive girlfriend. That way we not only protect ourselves but also protect the health of others.

Do take regular tests to monitor your antibody levels, the presence of which will determine if you were truly infected.

Good luck!



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