Lost and Unsure

by Lou
(Qld, Australia)

I am pregnant and 35 and in a relationship with the father of the baby. I was previously in a 12 year relationship and the father of my unborn baby is the only one I have been with since my last long relationship.

I have only just discovered I have herpes and am devastated, can't stop crying and am so frightened that I am going to lose the father of my baby and the man I love so much if I cannot come to terms with this, my baby I am scared to have naturally as I do not want this baby put to any risk.

I am frightened we are never going to have a normal sexual relationship again and that it will put a strain on us. He is willing to get tested and feel that it would be a smart idea that he does.

Off to the doctor's again to get more information hoping she will ease my mind; thinking counselling would also be a smart idea. Absolutely scared of having this baby on my own as I already have 3 children and thought that this was going to be forever.


Dear Lou,

Thanks for sharing your story.

I understand your concern for your baby. It’s natural to feel scared and worried as a mother. However, please don't feel devastated about your situation. You'll be surprised that many women who have acquired herpes during pregnancy have, in fact, successfully delivered healthy and bouncing babies! As long as you don’t have outbreaks during your last trimester, you’ll be fine.

I would recommend to avoid stress and eat right. Some exercise could also help. But always remember to get regular checkups with your OB-GYN to ensure that everything is under control and that your pregnancy is progressing safely.

With the right information and proper precaution, there won’t be any risks of transmitting herpes to your baby. Trust me. Don’t give up. Your baby needs you to be strong.

God bless.



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