Living Quality Life with Herpes of 2.5 Years Old

by Neeraj

Hi Every One...

I got this disease HSV-2 about 2.5 years back. I was 26 when I got this, I am a boy. It’s not my fault nor hers because I was unknown that my GF have this previously and I got this form her. She doesn’t have any symptoms yet but is positive in tests. I was really disappointed and hopeless from my life knowing that I have some Viral disease that will never be healed. I though I could not do anything in my life now and it’s all over.

It’s a common feeling for all herpes patients during the initial phase when you are coping with irritating symptoms and emotional stage of your life time. But time is the great healer of everything.

Here in my Success Story: I will tell you people like me how to manage Herpes your life with Herpes as it couldn't be completely removed from your life. I will list all these things in points.

Recommended Points for all you people like me:

1. First of all you should keep in mind that HSV-1 or HSV-2 is now a part of your life now. You cannot get freed from it.

2. Take daily baths and clean that area daily by warm water and soap. Don't use soap like Dettol, Lux e.t.c. because it may bring other irritation. Wash the area very well after using soap.

3. I have found that a vegetable named "Asparagus" which is rich in anti-oxidant and vitamins is very good food to control the break outs. It’s my personal opinion. I don't need to take medicine while I take this vegetable in my food. It’s very effective and I recommend for you people.

4. Don't drink alcohol too much or frequently. It also ignites the break outs.

5. Drink plenty of water, and take enough rest.

I was in medicine for 6 months when I got 1st infection because I could not heal automatically. I had my 2nd out break out after 1 year when I left to take medicine and then I never had outbreak. I take medicine whenever I feel like I am getting out break i.e. I am in periodic suppression now.

If you haven't told you sex partner that you have this disease, tell her/him right now and take precaution like use Condom and use Suppressive therapy so that she/he could not get this infection.

Good Luck and Enjoy the life.

I am enjoying my life happily with the same girl.

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