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About a year ago, I had my first outbreak. It was a week before my 18th birthday & graduation of high school. It was also the week of prom. I had noticed I had a painful bump on my genital area. I had thought it was an ingrown hair or something of that sort. I thought it will probably go away in a few days. After a week had went by, the pain had only gotten worse. It was almost unbearable. When I had gone in for my yearly pap smear and had said something to my doctor but she had forgotten to check. Then when she had called me to tell me I’m showing cellular changes on my pap of herpes I had already knew. I immediately knew I had it and started crying. I thought my life would be over. My boyfriend of 10 months would leave me and I would be alone.

I had called my boyfriend crying and didn’t want to tell him until he begged me. I was surprised that his reaction was "It’s ok; don’t cry this could happen to anyone". I had felt a little better but still had felt as if he would leave me at anytime and find a girl who was STD free in no time.
Now almost 2 years into our relationship we are happier than ever. Whenever I start to feel a little down about my situation (only when I have ob's) he tells me not to be upset that it’s not something that could kill me and not something I can change. The only time we refrain from sex is when I have ob's which are now very mild and don't last long at all.

I have since decided (after months of crying and depression) that I will NOT let this virus stop me from anything or ruin my life. Your experience is what you make it. I am very grateful that I did not contract something that could kill me. It has taught me that if I ever find myself single again to be more cautious and protect myself. Life is very short and I am not going to spend my life depressed over a minor skin infection that is not going to kill me. I refuse to let this virus ruin me and the long life I have ahead of me :)

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Apr 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

Dear Living Happy,

Hey just want to say congratulations on having such a good attitude about this Herpes virus.

You were very fortunate to have a good partner who listened to you and decided to stay with you. The good thing is that he realized that this is not that big of a deal when you both take the proper precautions.

You did the right thing by telling him upfront about this.

You should be proud of yourself that you have developed a positive attitude.

You're right, you've got a great life ahead of you!

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