Life's Way Too Short

I found out one month ago that I have Herpes which I caught from a guy I met on holiday - yes I was drunk & very stupid! I had never done anything like this before and just my luck I catch something that stays with me for life! When I told him I could tell by his reaction that he knew but thought he couldn't pass it on if he had no symptoms!

I have had a good long think about this and realised I am not going to let this bring me down, after all it's just a cold sore! I'm still going to pursue everything I want to in life - travelling, meeting new people.

Life is way too short to let this bring me down. If a guy decides not to date me because of a cold sore that's his problem not mine - plenty fish in the sea!

I understand that some young girls may be feeling very down about this but you are not suffering from a mental illness or life threatening disease!

Go out there and enjoy your life and let the closest people around you know so they can bring you back up if your feeling down - that's what friends are for!

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