Life is Normal for Me

by Mel

I had been with my partner for a few months before I had my first attack of herpes. I was devastated and depressed. I cried a lot and felt really lonely and isolated. And as I hadn't cheated on him, I couldn't figure out how or from whom I got it from. I went home and told him and he said he didn't care- he loved me and herpes was me.

It's such a huge relief, up to now, knowing that he accepts me for who I am despite of what I have. He has been ever so supportive and understanding. He never fails to comfort me and make me feel beautiful every day. I guess I was blessed to have such a great man by my side, all throughout dealing with the whole herpes ordeal.

We continued having unprotected sex since we figured we had done so so many times already he would have gotten it by now. Six years later, we were married and we now have 2 beautiful kids. Both were healthy pregnancies with normal births.

Hubby has never been tested, but he has never had any symptoms at all. It's been 10 years now. I sometimes wonder if he is a carrier and I truly worry about the future. If things weren't to work with hubby, how would I go about dating?

Having herpes really sucks but it could be a lot worse so I just keep smiling. I may have all these fears in my head but I’m crossing the bridge when I get there. For now, I’m just really happy and thankful to have a wonderful husband and beautiful children who give me hope for the future.

Xx Mel.

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Mar 10, 2014
by: Anonymous

Mel, sounds like you have an incredible husband, do everything you can to keep him! I'm not sure why you feel that your marriage might not last. If i had a wonderful husband that gave me beautiful children and loved me through everything, i would do everything i could to keep it. Don't trade lasting love for temporary satisfaction, it will lead to despair. Best wishes!

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