Keep Hope Alive

by Brianna

I caught genital herpes from my boyfriend last summer. He swore he never cheated and it wasn't him that gave it to me but I recently found out he has a 2 month old daughter which means he impregnated someone while we were together. It took a while for me to come to terms with my diagnosis and I thought all hope was lost. I was proven wrong. All hope was not lost.

I walked into the store to buy some lotion and soap and the guy that worked there asked me out on a date no more than 5 minutes after I walked through the door. We went on a few dates and I realized I liked him way more than I anticipated.

One night he took me to the beach and that's when I told him about my herpes. He held my hand and kissed me on the forehead and said, "Babe, it's ok. You didn't deserve that and I'm not going anywhere. I knew you were special the moment I saw you."

I felt so relieved and extremely happy because I wasn't expecting him to react so calmly. We were already a couple by our second date. lol. He's pretty sure I'm the one for him kind of like a love at first sight thing.

But, so far things are going great! I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend! At first you think everyone is going to reject you but you'll be surprised to know that that is far from true.

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