Just Found Out I Have Herpes

by Kerry

I have just found out I have genital herpes I have met someone new and been seeing them for a couple of months, I have done oral sex and let them touch me (with no symptoms) but I haven't had sexual intercourse I went to the doctors the other day and discovered I have herpes. They have not got herpes.

However now I have to tell them I have it. I don't know how to, would I have given it to them?! Even though I have no symptoms and not performed in sexual intercourse. Please help... I'm so glad I haven't had sexual intercourse yet with them because I know I would of passed it onto them as it is a virus. What do I do?


Dear Kerry,

It is possible to get HSV type 2 on your mouth through oral sex from your partner (considering he has the virus). You might also have it yourself but never show signs and symptoms because the virus can tend to hide inside the body, and manifest later on in life.

To dispel all worries and doubts, best is to schedule an appointment with your doctor and get some blood work done. Have yourself and your partner tested for herpes. That way, you can be informed about what type of herpes virus you and your partner may have.

Knowing what you are up against is the first step in making informed decisions health-wise. Our page on What Causes Herpes is a good place to start with some research on herpes.

God bless!



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Aug 01, 2013
First off
by: Anonymous

Oral sex counts as sexual intercourse. That is how I got oral hsv 1. Hsv 1 can also be genital. Hsv 2 can be genital and oral as well. I forgot that oral sex was sex, and the guy either lied to me or didn't know. Get blood work done, I would suggest a panel for everything so you're certain herpes is all you have. Then explain to your partner you have it. The name is worse than it is. It's just a skin rash caused by a virus. I was scared to death to tell my bf, bc I'd only know him 2 weeks when I found out. Luckily for me, he didn't see me any different. And now were in love. Your partner may freak out, but maybe they won't. If they can't accept that you have it, then you will meet someone who will. Just remember you're the same person you've always been. You're not dirty, and this really can happen to anyone.

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