Is this the most depressing place on Earth??

by Gus
(Chicago, Illinois U.S.)

I just found out I have herpes two months ago. I am dealing with it fairly well, I know that there are many people with it and there are medications that I can take to help manage it. There are also many support groups out there and the people in those groups have Herpes and not to mention all of the herpes related dating sites.

To tell you the truth-- I don't think it's all that bad! I kind of feel like I have a new family or I'm part of a very big gang and we all have this thing of ours... our secret.

I spent some time in combat so I got to see a lot of guys come home crippled, burned, deaf, blind and dead, I could have been anyone of those guys. I'm lucky to be alive, I'm healthy and I have a full life ahead of me.

You know what makes herpes suck! Coming here, to places like this. Listening to the sorrow, the crying and the despair. If I were giving a person with herpes advice, I would tell them stay clear of places like this, it will only depress him further and make him or her feel hopeless.

You guys want to know how bad you have it? Go to a HIV/AIDS meeting, talk to someone who just got diagnosed with HIV and then ask them what would they rather have. Most of you have never gone without food, lived in a 3rd world nation, or feared for your life. Most of you drive nice reliable cars, have money, have medical insurance, go to school or a job and can watch whatever you want on TV tonight.

A lot of people in this world don't have any of that, they live in mud huts without electricity. Try being thankful for what God has given you, trust me it could be a hell of a lot worse.

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Aug 25, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thank you. Here I was, feeling sorry for myself..

This was the very first post of anything herpes related that I have read. This will probably be the only thing I read concerning my new found condition. It just clicked.

Thanks again.

Oct 05, 2013
are you jumping for joy?
by: Young Mom

I don't think it is depressing. Lots of people share how depressed they were to discover they had herpes. But how incredible to hear stories from so many people with their individual experiences. Just like yours. Absolutely incredible. It's easy to hear statistics. It's real to hear about people from all walks of life. I am living with my herpes just fine. But I certainly wasn't doing cartwheels when I found out.

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