Is there a topical medication to ease genital herpes?

by Anonymous

My daughter is newly diagnosed and many questions since DR did not help her understand what is happening.

Tingling started last Friday and yesterday she realized this was something more than a yeast infection. Dr. started her on Acyclovir pills. 800mg 5x/day for one week. The pain she is feeling is agonizing so my first question: Is there anything else she can use topically to ease the pain? She has major things going on at school and needs to be able to get back and function normally asap.

I have many more questions and find this site very helpful but I'd like to deal with her pain first of all. Thank you.


Dear Anonymous,

First of all, I’m sorry to hear about that. Pain is indeed synonymous to a herpes outbreak, especially during the first couple of years after a herpes diagnosis. The sores can be really uncomfortable for women to the extent that the thought of going to the toilet to pass urine is excruciating.

As a parent, it is heartbreaking to see our children suffer and I understand your concern to help her cope with this condition. Thankfully, there are topical creams and ointments out there that can ease the itchy and irritating feeling of herpes sores.

An example is Dynamiclear which is proven to work to provide fast instant relief. It is made of a wide variety of ingredients that are safe and effective in reducing outbreaks in just a few days. You can read more about Dynamiclear in my review page here.

Another great option is Vitamin E capsules or serums which you can drop a few and gently massage into affected areas. The moisturizing and healing properties of Vitamin E are suitable to help the herpes sores heal faster.

I’ve tried both of these and they have worked for me personally. Perhaps some of our readers can also share their tips and experiences with other topical medication for herpes.

Hope your daughter will feel better soon.



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