I'm Still Beautiful Even With Herpes

by Elena

I'm 22 years old from Asia and my family is conservative. We are pretty traditional in some ways. Very different from the rest of my sisters, so I usually get the attention from guys. Dates with different guys in a week. And I didn't practice safe sex because I believed I wouldn't get them. That was so naive of me.

I was working as a flight attendant, and I got to know this cute doctor on board. We exchanged contact numbers, had a few dates and had sex. The day after, I felt pain while urinating. There's like a burning and itchy sensation. I went to the doctor and had a blood test because I was having a high fever. A week after that, the results came and showed that I have Genital Herpes and Chlamydia.

The doctor told me that the Herpes virus will stay forever in my body and if I would like to have a baby, my child might get infected as well. Also if I wanted to have sex, I have to be honest and tell my partner about it.

What makes me tear up was when I heard that the virus would stay with me forever. You see, I had an abortion 3 months before I was diagnosed with Herpes. I couldn't keep the child because I wasn't married and my Mum was against it. If I knew things would happen this way, I would've kept the child.

I was living in denial for a few months, but I got a wake up call after reading so many success stories about living with herpes. Now I would like to pay it forward and inspire other people.

Living with Herpes won't be easy, sometimes you might have outbreaks and love life can be tough. But I told myself, I wouldn't want herpes to control my life, I should be controlling it. So don't give up on yourself no matter what.

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