How To Cope!!! Sad & Confused...

by Brenda
(New York)

I was diagnosed with hsv1 & 2 about 8 months ago!!! To say I was devastated n still is, is a UNDERSTATEMENT!! When my gyn doc told me I walked outta her office like "she didn't just tell me that", n basically blocked it out (more like denial) I guess.

I went to the doc initially to find out what was goin on with me n wanted to b tested for every std / sti there is because I had been feelin weird, I had started off with flu like symptoms n then this tinglin / nervous feelin it was as if I knew n could tell I had some sort of virus runnin thru my body. N sure enough I was right cuz I was told two weeks after a blood test was done.

Its been 8 months and I'm just really learnin about this disease n I'm still confused, sad n feel so alone at times, especially when I have an outbreak! I have sooo many questions about this n came across this site hoping to talk with ppl that understands what I'm goin thru.

It gets so bad that during an outbreak I have anxiety attacks where I think I have more than just hsv when I know that's all it is! I let my mind take over n it scares me because I know the mind is a powerful tool!!! I need to know if anyone else have/has had this tingling / nervous feelin that then travels dwn thru your legs? I have read and been told that the virus does pass thru and have somethin to do with the nerves.

I would love to hear back from anyone that understands... thanks!

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