How Much Dosage of Lysine Should I Take?

by Nicole

I’ve recently found out I am unfortunately positive for hsv-1): I’m so devastated!! How can this happen to me?? I’m always soo careful I always use condoms. I’m never promiscuous ever in my life. I just can’t seem to accept it I want it to be all a dream. I’ve become a germ a phobe. I think everything can be infected by it. I was doing research & found that I can take lysine tablets to prevent outbreaks. How much of a proper dosage should I take? Anything would be helpful thanks


Dear Nicole,

I understand how you’re feeling. I went through a similar phase when I found out I had herpes for the first time. The thought of it was just too unbearable that I wanted to blame it on someone else. As a result, I became reclusive and depressed which wasn’t doing any good in lessening the frequency of outbreaks that I had. So one day, I decided to wake up and conquer herpes. I realize I shouldn’t let this silly virus control my life!

It’s difficult to accept it right now but in time, you’ll learn to overcome the initial shock and just live with the virus. If anything, herpes can help us realize that we should be taking care of our bodies. Avoiding stress and getting enough sleep are two ways of evading outbreaks. Herpes can actually give us a higher quality of life!

To avoid overdose, dosage should be in between 6 to 10 grams of lysine per day. Your doctor might give you a full prescription on the specific amount for your body weight so best is to consult with them first before taking any supplements and medications against herpes.

Hope this helps!



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