How Do You Get Someone To Accept That I Have This Condition?

by cherice
(oakland ca)

Well about a year ago I was diagnosed with herpes and I was straight in denial about it. This was like my world was over. I felt horrible, dirty and just like how could this just happen to me. I was so afraid and still till this day I am very scared because I haven't had the best of luck with trying to tell people.

So about 3 months ago I met this really sweet nice guy and we both really liked each other... We would talk everyday and so forth. So like about a month ago maybe more just because I really liked him and vice versa I felt like I should tell him about my situation. Which at that time after the fact I felt that was the wrong thing to do but because I had respect for him and how I felt about him I had to tell him. So after me telling him these things changed. He became more distant, and was acting totally different and I already knew why.

So today after all this time he tells me the reason why he was standoff-ish and things which I already knew why. He says "that he really likes me, he wants to be with me, and how he feels about me but it’s just this one thing that's like holding him back", and I told him that I totally understand and this isn't something that's just an easy pill to swallow especially for me.
So my questions are how do I get him or what is it that I can do to make it easier to deal with?

How do I get him to come around to take me as I am?

What am I supposed to do? I just want to be happy and he makes me happy and I honestly can’t see myself telling someone else about this because just of the reason why it won’t happen. It’s a scary thing to deal with and I’m still learning how to deal with it and how for it not to control me. I just need help and some advice on how to deal with it and what I should do about it....

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