How Do You Cope??

I'm 21, just got diagnosed with herpes 2 days ago. I have a wonderful family life, two beautiful children and a loving fiancé; I thought my life was on the right track. Me and my fiancé about two years ago just couldn't get along we were both miserable, he just lost his job and we just could not get along. I did what I thought was right and left him.

About a month later I had sex with this other man I had met I think I did it more to hurt my fiancé for making me feel like a prisoner and putting me down all the time. NO I know it was not the right thing to do and I think about how bad I hurt him all the time. Then we get back together and it’s now been two years and I began to experience what the doctors called herpes. The doctor didn't tell me anything my fiancé went with me so he's knows just as much as I do about it.

I feel empty or dead on the inside I'm usually a very positive person, but this is too much to swallow I've had these little tiny bumps on my lips for three days now and they still never broke open or formed blisters. I don't know what to expect, I don't know how to take this and deal with it my whole body inside and out just hurts I can’t stop thinking about it. I'm so scared am going to pass this to my children and him. None of them deserve to live with what I did to myself. It’s just so hard to take it in.

What are things to accept about oral herpes? How do I make sure not to pass this to my family? I have a long life ahead and I can’t be unhappy with this forever but I feel I can't live with this I'm scared and with no info about what I should expect is just driving me crazy literally. Can’t eat, can’t sleep just constant anxiety about this. PLEASE SHINE SOME LIGHT!!

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Jul 31, 2013
Don't worry.
by: Anonymous

I am also 21, and I also have HSV 1 (oral herpes). The first thing you have to do is to stop being mad at yourself. Don't feel dirty, or like you've done something horrible. It's something that can happen to anyone. You can get it by simply sharing a drink. I have been diagnosed since May, and have probably had it since February. I still haven't experienced any cold sores. If you're worried about giving it to your kids, don't kiss them if you have a cold sore or if your lip feels tingly. If your lip ever feels tingly, this means the virus could be shedding and you can still spread the virus.

I told my bf as soon as I found out, and he accepted it. If your fiancé doesn't see you any different, don't see yourself any different. It's a very common virus; and in all reality it is a simple treatable skin condition. Eat foods high in lysine or take a L-lysine supplement; it helps prevent breakouts by suppressing the amino acid that the virus thrives on to duplicate. Read up on it. The name is worse than it is. You and your kids will be fine, and there's no reason you and your fiancé can't live a happy life. Hope you start feeling better.

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