How Do I Tell My Boyfriend of Three Months Who Lives in Texas and I'm in Washington That I Had an Outbreak of Herpes While I was There and He May Have Contracted It?

by Jeanne

I have been divorced for one year separated for four did not have any sexual partners but my husband. During our last trip together I thought I had torn my vaginal area and it was nothing. Here I am now four years later in a loving relationship but long-distance we used some hot Joe to have sex and I thought I got torn during sex.

I told him I thought the gel irritated me come to find out after I got home. It was a herpes breakout. How do I tell him long distance to be aware that he might come down with this over the phone??? I will be seeing him next week but that might be too late, I want to be totally upfront and honest I did not know that he could contract it from me because I was unaware of what it was.

I know that sounds stupid but I haven't been sexually active for four years and I've never had another sign. Please get back to me as soon as possible thank you, I'm wondering what to say or tell him what he may expect??? I know he loves me and I love him but I think he was only with one other person also I don't know that for sure.

But I do feel I didn't get this from him it must have been stress of me working through Christmas getting to Texas having sex and the irritation of the gel and then. Here I am in this predicament, I can say we continued to have sex because I didn't think it was herpes I just thought it was a tear or two.

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