How do I Stop Worrying? What are the Signs?

by Worried
(Huntsville, AL)

Today, I am worried. I think that I was very careless and stupid even at my age (58). I had not dated for 15 years. I met someone and developed a what I thought was a relationship.

After talking for months, we met and went out on several dates and eventually one thing led to another. Then the story comes out about he had an infection. My mind went to the worst. He said that he was infected with Herpes during a VA medical procedure gone bad.

I am hoping that he is telling me the whole truth as I looked up the story and saw nothing of herpes being mentioned. I am trying to find out more on some of the symptoms that can be displayed.

My encounter with him was 20 days ago. My body has a low tolerance to infection. I have already been to the emergency room after showing signs of anemia. I have looked on the internet and some of the signs can be be confused with other things.

I have two visible lesions, itching, etc. I am afraid to go to my doctor and explain how stupid and careless I was to sleep with an individual who was calculating and only after one thing.

Can someone please talk me off the ledge?

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