How Can I Help My Teenage Son At This Time?

by Lourdez

My son just told me he has genital herpes. I am devastated and worried. I don't know how to help him with this besides getting the medication. I comfort him by hugging him and letting him know we will get through this and how I can help him, but he says I can't. I feel helpless!!!


Dear Lourdez,

I’m sorry to hear about your son’s diagnosis. It is very sad and unfortunate that there is a stigma associated with herpes. Although it is difficult to relieve the anguish of a diagnosis, it may be helpful to let him know that herpes is not life-threatening and that 1 in every 6 US adults have genital herpes. As time goes by, the frequency and severity of breakouts will lessen. So it’s only tough during the first couple of months.

Sometimes all you can do is to be there to support him and be a shoulder to cry on. People with herpes face a lot of rejection in the world, so your love and comfort will mean a lot to him. Go to doctor’s appointments with him, do some research with him, and even sign him up for herpes support groups.

Maybe have him look at this website to acquire factual information about Herpes. It will help him to better understand what he is going through and to make informed decisions health-wise in the long run.

A mother’s love and tender touch are powerful cures to an ailing child. He is going through a challenging phase right now. So please keep doing what you're doing. Don't give up on him, even when your efforts don't seem to work.

Hope everything gets better soon.



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