Herpes Sucks But Get Over It

by Kyle

I am a 39 year old male who has been dealing with cold sores since the age of 7. Oldest of three males, I always remember my mother keeping Campho-Phenique well stocked for myself and middle brother which we took to school, to treat those quarter size mutants that showed up on our faces. The youngest lucked out.

The severity and frequency greatly diminished the last couple decades so it was a nice change. They have also been very small. But one of those little freaks showed up at the base of my penis recently. I did not need to go to the doctor. I knew exactly what it was and what I was in store for. Question is, how the hell did it get there? I was not shocked but a little mad. My nemesis had hit me below the belt!

I have been married and divorced twice. Dated occasionally after the second divorce and finally settled in with my current girlfriend of over a year now. There were no issues to report up until 3 days ago. As I said when the flare up occurred, I knew exactly what it was and just waited for those flipping blisters to show up. And they did.

I dried those suckers out for a couple days with Campho-Phenique and the healing cycle starts again. Hell I will use rubbing alcohol too. Same thing I did as a kid when they were on my face. So infidelity was out of the question on my end.

Was it my girlfriend that was dishonest? Or did I give it to myself through her? Did I touch my face and then my genitals and that's how the enemy got me? I told her up front about my cold sores and most recently what just showed up on my manhood. I do not believe she was sleeping around nor do I believe she has been managing outbreaks and not telling me. Nothing has happened to her so far.

Unfortunately this little freak of a virus can hide for years before it decides to show up. It may have been someone I was dating before my current girlfriend. I say "who knows and oh well". You see, I have been managing cold sores on my face like the common cold for decades and now I have to manage it on my penis. It does suck but to all you newcomers, just chill out and relax.

Manage it and be happy please. And just find someone who has the same herpes virus hiding inside them. Plenty of us out there. :)

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