Herpes? Something Else? Please Help!

by generic217
(los angeles)

I understand no one can diagnose over the internet, I'm just trying to see if anyone has experienced this and it turned out to be herpes.

I had a risky encounter almost 7 weeks ago. About 10 days after, started getting this tingling feeling in my genitals. Noticed a sort of scarring on my inner thighs, not sure if it was always there so I went to my doc. He looked, said it doesn't look like Herpes. The skin had little slits / cracks in it that healed within a day or two and were not painful.

I continued to have the tingly, prickly sensations in my genitals for almost six weeks now. It gets worse in the evenings. Feels like a rush of tingling, sort of like something crawling over my genitals. Occasionally, a sort of prickly feeling in various spots, like a pinch. I hear this is what it feels like before an outbreak.

My doctor said if it was herpes, there would have been blisters by now. Prodrome doesn't last that long. So I'm confused because it feels like I've been in prodrome for 6 weeks. I've heard of Post Herpetic Neuralgia, not sure if that's what it is.

I have had two blood tests, both came up negative each time, but my understanding is it may be too soon to test for IGG antibodies, and IGM testing is not accurate.

Please help, I'm in total agony. If you've had these symptoms and were diagnosed, please tell me. If you are still trying to figure out if you have herpes as well, please let me know what else you are pursuing.

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