Are there any topical treatments that can help with the pain?

I was diagnosed with herpes about 2 years ago and the first year was pretty bad. But now I don't take any medications for it I rely on PROBIOTICS, vitamins b6, b12, folic acid and L lysine. This has helped tremendously!

I occasionally get breakouts before my period begins, why is this the case? Also is there any topical ointment that I can use to soothe the itching and pain of the sores?

I currently have a lesion like cut on my labia. Does anyone know anything that can help! Thanks a bunch!! I'm faithful that it will get better.

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Just Been Diagnosed With Herpes and Confused

So yesterday I was diagnosed with genital herpes I have never before been in so much pain and the blisters are unbearable. I am a 39 year old female and been with my current boyfriend for 6 months..

Now question is as I have had the outbreak was it him that gave it to me as he has no signs of anything whatsoever... I told him over the phone last night and he didn't seem shocked or anything I am now wondering if he knew he had it all along.

I have been prescribed the anti viral drug but also wondering how long I will take to heal. At first for the first 7 days I thought I had thrush until last Sunday when the pain got to me and went to be checked out and had 3 white blisters.

Now today I am completely covered down there with white and red blisters. I have numbing gel but it is not doing much have even had to take a week off work.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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