Met a Wonderful Man Who is HSV2+....To Continue Dating?

I've been divorced for a number of years now and have recently met a great man who I really connect with. After our 3rd date, he took the chance and was brave enough to share with me that he has herpes. I am so confused as to what to do - we aren't close enough that ending things now would be easier, but I see so much in him as a man that I would choose for a life partner.

I respect his courage to share this important information before we are intimate. He has had it for over 20yrs and says he gets one small pimple-like outbreak about 2x year and he can feel it coming on. He would gladly go on medication as well. He's divorced now, but his wife of 15yrs never contracted it.

Aside from using condoms, and not having sex during outbreaks - can we safely cuddle naked in bed, or would he have to put his underwear back on?

Seemingly silly question but I want to make an informed decision whether to stay or not.

Thanks for having this site, it makes it so much easier to be educated.

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How Long Should I Wait?

by Anonymous

I met a wonderful man 7 months ago where we developed a great friendship. In the beginning it was clear that he was interested in me. As time progressed, he became emotionally disconnected and with a lot of prodding finally told me what was holding him back. He had GH.

We cried together as it broke my heart what he had to deal with. I told him that his condition didn't matter to me and he appreciated me saying this.

But now he has maintained that he is not ready for a relationship even though he told me that he loved me. I know he genuinely cares for me and is frightened of the possibility of transmitting this to me.

How can I be supportive and what can I do to help him be ready?

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