Herpes Almost 20 Years Later

by Bracie

Hi, this is my very first time ever writing about my experience. I'd just like to say that it does get better. I contracted herpes when I was freshman in college...inexperienced and naive. I had unprotected sex with a 'really cute guy' who happened to be infected! After having symptoms and getting tested, I found out that I had gonorrhoea along with HSV-2. THANK GOD I was tested negative for everything else. (Huge lesson learned).

I did have an experience having 'the talk' with a guy in college who I was really interested in blew up in my face when he went blabbing to some of his friends :-( I ended up having 2 serious relationships since that experience. The first lasted 3 years AFTER the talk and he was so accepting. We broke up and I focused on grad school.

I then met a gentleman who loved me and after 'the talk' he continued to accept and love me. After dating for a year, he asked to marry me...we've been married now for 11 years. I still don’t talk about it much and get that uneasy feeling in my stomach when the "H" word is mentioned (in conversation, on TV, etc).

I'm always elated at the folks who are strong enough to say that they are 'happy with herpes' :-) Its been almost 20 years for me buuuut I don’t feel that way. What I will say is that I learned to live with it and it doesn't depress me anymore.

As the years went by, the outbreaks diminished greatly. When I'm sick or stressed, is when I have them. I've been in a couple of loving and accepting relationships despite the "H" word! LOL! It’s not the end of the world folks, live and love life! ...Just wanting to share!!

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