Healthy Living with Herpes from 30 Year Old Male

by Dave
(San Antonio, TX)

Hello everyone,

I am a 30 year old male who was recently diagnosed with HSV 1 & 2 about a month ago. Let me tell you it was a nightmare. It all started when I first moved into my new home. I was stressed and sweaty from the moving and being in the hot sun. Later that night when I was all moved in. My crotch area felt itchy and I let it go thinking it was jock itch. About 1-2 days later I broke out in rash and a few sores appeared on my inner thighs and outer buttocks area. I still passed it off as jock itch. The next day, the itching and tingling sensations became more and more intense. So much so, that I could not fall asleep comfortably due to scratching.

Also, when I would shower; the water felt super hot even though I knew it was lukewarm. Also, my waist and below my skin was itchy, tingly and very warm to the touch. What really freaked me out was a day or so later. I started noticing a few bumps directly on my genitals this time. And so, the next day I went to my local urgent care to be seen.

The doctor got a blood sample and 2 days later. I was given the news I had been dreading. I was positive for HSV 1 & 2. He prescribed me 5 days worth of Acyclovir and Nystatin cream (anti-fungal). This medication really did not work for me to be honest. I felt depressed and run down. And so, that evening I confessed to my partner what I had been diagnosed with and explained
that it is a very common condition. He told me he loved me and didn't care what I had. We would just avoid sex during an outbreak and to use condoms. That was a relief!

My quest to put this virus back to sleep still did not end. I felt like my symptoms were getting worse instead of better. On top of that, I had a male yeast infection and scabies. I thought I was cursed or very immuno-compromised! So my body was exhausted from fighting different infections. Eventually through some trial and error and working with my own body chemistry, I found that a holistic/non-pharmaceutical approach worked better for me.

I take a daily multi-vitamin, I take an Energen-C (as a boost to my immune system), Lysine 1000mg tablets(2-3/day), and I use Super Lysine ointment (says it's for cold sores, but it works) on the sores down there too. By the way, I took care of the male yeast infection with Monistat 3 and got some special cream to kill the scabies. Too much info I know.

Some other good pointers is to drink lots of water, eat healthier (more veggies and fruits), wear cotton underwear and use gold bond powder when sweaty down there. Moderate exercise a few times a week and surround yourself with positive people, be happy and try not to stress so much about it. Your immune system will do it's job if given the right nutrients, vitamins, etc. You can still live a full life and this condition is just a minor inconvenience. But its very easy to manage, you just have to find out what works for you!

Thanks for reading my story.

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