Happy with Herpes

by Jim

I just found out a couple of years ago that I had herpes; I was in my 30's. I remember back then bringing my dog with me to the clinic.

The pooch was just the best support that I needed. Then I returned home to my girlfriend and told her that she was free to go if she decides and that I was diagnosed with genital herpes. To my surprise, she didn't want to break up with me. We are still together now and we are very careful when being intimate with each other but really happy.

The heart is not to be underestimated. Neither is love.

I learned a few things because of this: When I was younger I just wanted to hook up with the hottest women I could. I had almost no faith in love and what it truly was. I used to believe that status, good looks, money, fame=sex with really hot women. That is true, but I was missing what life is all about. I had no desire to fall in love.

I had my heart broken by a lot of trophy looking women. After that I had no desire to love so I just hooked up left and right and got an STD. Pain created more pain. My advice is life is what you make it. I am a better person now than when I was disease free. I am probably just as happier. Don't freak out over a couple of cold sores---it’s nothing.

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Apr 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

Dear Jim,

Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

Yeah, I went through something similar.

I was trying to make myself feel better through sex.

Am beginning to address this now, and am shifting my focus to looking for love. And a big part of this is learning to love myself first.

Maybe what we're really looking for is intimacy.

Fame, beautiful women, power do not equal intimacy. I'm learning this the hard way also.

Well congratulations on getting healthy.

It takes what it takes for us to get on the good foot as James Brown would say.

Thanks again and God Bless,


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