God is Great!

by butterfly01
(New York)

I've been living with Herpes for the past 10 years- it was difficult emotionally through the years and I've always wondered if anyone would accept me. I met a gentleman 3 months ago and told him about my condition. He's 10 years older than me and fortunately has dated other women with the same condition. He was not scared away and seemed informed about Herpes.

WE have a healthy and active sex life with one another and he treats me like a queen (although he said he never sees himself getting married, which is something I want). He lends hope to knowing there are folks out there who are willing to date people with Herpes.

Time will tell where our relationship ends. For now, he accepts me and treats me great and for this, I am grateful! I know I am worthy to love and be loved.


Dear butterfly01,

Thank you for sharing this inspiring story with us, butterfly01! You were brave and honest in telling him the truth about your condition. Honesty is always a key to forming lasting relationships. Indeed, those who truly love us will accept us for who we are despite of this little virus in our system.

You might find our article on Genital Herpes Sex helpful, as it contains useful tips and advice on the necessary precautions that we should take. There is also a section on suppressive medications that will aide in lessening the chances of transmitting the virus to your sexual partner. Overall, it is always best to practice safe sex or to just avoid having sex for at least 3-5 days after an outbreak.

Herpes shouldn't control your life or define who you are as a person. It should not hinder you to pursue or continue pursuing your dreams and goals in life. You can still have a wonderful and fulfilling sexual life ahead of you.



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