First Time

by James
(Kansas )

I'm 19 years old and hadn't even kissed someone until just recently. I was shy in high school, and have been pretty busy throughout college so it just really hadn't happened.

About 4 months ago I decided to be spontaneous and I made out with a girl I had just met at some party. Of course, naturally, I over analyzed everything and thought the worst. Turns out that the worst is what happened.

What was weird was that the symptoms took about just over a month to show, and the only symptom I had was a little back pain and marks on my chin. The oral herpes didn't look like anything I saw online when I began to frantically research. They were so slightly visible that you could barely even see anything.

What really made me think I had it though was when I noticed what looked like a pimple just above my pubic hair region. I most likely spread it myself from my mouth to that area. I've been reading sooo much online and just came across your page recently.

I'm getting tested tomorrow for type 1 and 2 and I'm 99% positive I have both. I've been angry, upset, and yes I do feel dirty and unwanted as well. What is most heart breaking about all of this is that it only took one kiss, my first kiss, to completely change my life.

I've been so careful my whole life and now everything is changed and looking pretty bad. I've already spent days crying and getting angry over this, but I'm just ready to finally hear the results. I wanted to thank you for your website though, because already it's made me feel like living with this virus is possible and manageable.

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