Feeling Hopeless and Petrified

by Feather F

I am a 32 yr old woman from Singapore who just found out I have genital herpes. I caught it from my new boyfriend who didn't know he had it and has never shown symptoms. He is my third boyfriend I have in life and now I can't stop crying or feeling like my life is over. I didn't sleep around or having multiple sex partners, I mean how could this even possible?

I know I'm supposed to share a happy success story but I am just feeling the lowest I have in my life and am having very dark morose thoughts. I am just devastated, crying, regretting, and worried for my future every day.

I really want to change this and be more positive and take charge of my health, but my thoughts won’t let me. Any words of support or advice would be forever treasured. Thank you.



Dear Feather,

Thank you for sharing your story.

I totally understand how you’re feeling. I was at that low-point in my life too the moment I found out that I had Herpes.

But I soon realized that all those months of hiding, isolating myself, and being depressed were really just a waste of time. I still am the same wonderful, caring, and loving person and I refused to let herpes change that.

You can do it too! Remember, herpes is just a silly virus that causes minor inconvenience from time to time. It is no way life threatening and certainly nothing to be ashamed about. There are worst things that could happen. Don’t let herpes define you. Instead, look at the silver lining in life because frankly, with every breath, there’s a second chance.

It might be worth checking out some Herpes Support Groups. In the early stages of the diagnosis, it really does help to talk to someone in the same boat. It’s comforting to know that we’re not alone in this.

Please don’t lose hope.

God bless.



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