Feeling cheated by the one I love

by AJ

Hello all,

Just got diagnosed with HSV2 yesterday. I have had an active sex life but always have been very cautious and protected. About 11 months ago, I met a woman who I fell in love with and yes we did have unprotected sex after 6 months or so, today after I heard my result I went back home and shared it with her immediately to make sure she goes and gets herself checked up.

She had a cold sore for sometimes and just today she tells me has been having these almost all her life and it is herpes 1. You can only imagine my shock!!!!! She insist she avoided contact with me during her outbreaks and also her ex-husband who was getting tested regularly in 8 years of marriage never had any symptoms.

I read you can get HSV2 from HSV1 ?! Am I correct?! Is it only during the outbreak or she can transmit the disease at anytime?!

How do I deal with someone who I love and yet they fail to mention this to me during 10 months of dating?! (I don't want to point fingers but I feel angry and sad and betrayed) are these feelings normal or am I out of my mind for thinking she might be the influence that my life turned upside down?!

Have any one heard of the "Herpes Eraser"?! Does it work or is it a scam?!

I appreciate any comments, help, assistance and any useful tools / links to deal with both emotional and physical aspect of this.


Thank you

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