Facial Herpes Which Affects My Nose

by Ellen
(Tamp fl)

I had my first and most awful out break on vacation in Australia 3 years ago. I was rushed to acute care at Cairns hospital looking like a burns victim after only being there 48 hours... the virus... which at this point nobody knew what it was just took over my whole nose,sides of my face and I was just swollen.. cellulitis too.. Massive dose of antibiotics given which I was allergic to.. which affected my liver and kidneys.. it was beyond awful.. people stared at me and life has never been the same since.

I've had back to back outbreaks since.. my whole nose just swells beyond any thing I can even describe.. the pain is awful... so, the outbreaks are smaller.. but still awful... to be told I have to live with this is just hard..

All the meds I've tried have made me ill or not worked.. I also tried lysine and try to eat healthy but these last few months the outbreaks have gotten worse.

Now I'm finding the herpes just breaks out with zero signs... no itching, etc.. I can go to bed and just wake up with the worst pain and a nose twice the size burning and then blisters break out... sometimes I'm lucky and my nose is just swollen.

I wanted to share this story because I feel so isolated.. I don't know anyone who has herpes in their nose like me and to the point it's so chronic and flares so bad.

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