Extreme itch!!! Is this a normal symptom of genital herpes??

by Fatima B.

I was diagnosed with genital herpes type 1, June this year. I was very devastated and shocked. How could it happened? The last time I had sex was April 2013. The first sign was too much itch. Itch that I couldn't stop myself from scratching. Then skin on my genital area turned red, swollen and got lesion. That's the time I visited a doctor get some test and as a result I was positive with genital herpes type 1 and I start drinking medicine. The lesion got healed but then the itch never stopped.

I felt it everyday, I even used tea tree oil but right now I felt that I started to be irritated with tea tree oil because I have been using it for 2 months and I used it everyday. I also drink medicine for yeast infection thinking I also have it. And I even drink anti-histamine to help me ease with too much itch. I feel very terrified, everyday I go school and feeling discomfort, I can't scratch in front of the people.

Sometimes I would think I rather had pain than feeling this extreme itch on my vagina. I tried to controlled it, but sometimes it's too difficult, no matter how I focus that I should't be scratching. When I scratch, the skin start to be red, swollen, lesion and some liquid comes out around the skin of my genital area. And I never had any blister, fever, cold, pain, just extreme ITCH.

The doctor told me to used some oil soap or olive oil to used in my vagina, because he said it was dry and has scab. I even used cold water, I start to eat healthy food, garlic, zinc, l-lysine, etc..

I feel very sad about this, it affects my life already and I don't think I can last with this itch. Please if someone read my letter, help me. I need to know if this is a normal symptom and if there is some medicine or cream I can used to get rid of this everyday itch.

Thank you in advance,

Fatima B.

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