Did She Really Love Me?

by Pacoruben

I was in a serious long term relationship with a girl. We had planned to marry and live together as well. We were in a long distance relationship for the past 2 years. I’m safe to say that I have never cheated on her, not even once.

One day I went to the doctor and he misdiagnosed me with genital herpes which I told my girlfriend about, thinking that I really have it. Within 3 days of this depressing news she decided to leave me in the most difficult time of my life. What’s worse was that, not only did she withheld offering me support, she also cut off all communication between us- saying good bye only through emails and phone calls.

After this I went for more blood tests and to a different doctor who confirmed I was misdiagnosed. Even the blood test came back negative again. This I came to know after few days of her breaking up with me so I am confident that I didn't have herpes. Somehow I got in contact with this girl again but she didn't want to continue any relationship with me anymore.

If the reason for our break up was genital herpes, it was a valid reason for her to go away from me but since I don’t have this condition she should have continued with me. If I wanted, I could have told her that I don’t have herpes because even before being misdiagnosed I had 2 negative blood test reports.

However, I was very honest with her about everything. I am not angry with the reason that she left me since I did thought I had herpes, but I am angry because she doesn't want to continue with me even now that it is clear that I don’t really have herpes.

My question is: do you guys think this girl really loved me?

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Nov 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi a girl you dont know,

Thank you for your response. I did try to tell her again and again that I was misdiagnosed but she says that she cannot continue with me. I think herpes is not the reason for her to leave me there is a new story that has jumped in our situation.

This girl all the while said that she was not in contact with her ex, and the day she cut off all contacts with me the very same day she added her ex on facebook. I even asked this girl to be just friends with me but she said that she wants to move forward as it will hurt her a lot to see what she couldn't make it in life.

If it is so hard for her to leave me then why did she not show any excitement on the news of me being misdiagnosed?

Nov 22, 2011
I'd Have To Say Yes
by: A girl You dont Know

She must have loved you to have planned a life with you and to have been with you for 2 years. Maybe her love just wasn't as strong as yours.

Remind her again that you were misdiagnosed. You might also want to tell her to study up on the disease because even if you had it, there is no reason for her to react the way she did.

It is no where near the worst thing in the world, its a virus almost all humans have they just don't have Genital Herpes. She should talk to you but if she chooses this route and ends it forever just remember who you are.

Go find a better girl cause apparently this girl isn't good enough for you and if she was, she wouldn't have left you over something so stupid. She would have talked it out, waited it out, and sat it out WITH YOU the whole time she should have been there and she should have been even more if you did have it. I wish you the best and trust me it'll will work itself out ;D

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