Did I Give Myself Oral Herpes?

by Chris
(St. Paul)

I'll start this off by saying I was wrong. So please read this knowing I'm well aware my actions were irresponsible and immoral.

I was diagnosed with genital herpes, type 2, in January. I've struggled to find a good doctor and have yet to start a Valtrex regimen. I also can't identify a single outbreak since the first. It's been fine to drag my feet a little because I'd also decided to become celibate right before my diagnosis.

Well, the latter was a ticking bomb apparently. I got drunk a few nights ago and had sex. While I was able to remember condoms, I failed to prevent him from giving me oral sex. And (as nasty as it may seem) I let him kiss me afterwards.

The next day, I was sick. I'm not sure if it was a bronchial infection, as my doctor (at an Urgent Care Center) diagnosed it or if it was the same flu-like symptoms I experienced after I contracted genital herpes.

Is it possible I gave myself oral herpes? And if you have any, how do I tell this guy I may have given it to him?


Dear Chris,

Autoinoculation can happen when you first get herpes. That is, when you first had your true primary outbreak in which your body has encountered the virus for the first time. Herpes antibodies have not developed yet so it is quite possible to infect other parts of your body especially if you don’t practice proper hygiene.

Seeing as you’ve been diagnosed since January, your body has had the chance to understand the virus and create antibodies against it. So giving yourself oral herpes through kissing someone who went down on you is highly unlikely... but not impossible. This is because the herpes virus, even without the visible signs of an outbreak, is still highly contagious and is transmitted by skin-to-skin contact.

I recommend getting yourself (and your guy) tested for herpes. That way, you can both know for sure what you are up against. In the meantime, do practice safe sex and proper hygiene. The virus can easily be killed by soap and water so always wash your hands and avoid unnecessarily touching your eyes, face, etc.

Hope you were able to find a good doctor and have started taking your medication for HSV2 already.



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