Diagnosed as folliculitis but wondering if it could be herpes? Freaking out!!


I had sex with a new partner after recently getting out of a 7 year relationship. Three days later a part on my outer vagina got red and itchy. The follow day I was worried so I attempted to clean the area with peroxide and it "fizzed" in one area making me freak out because that meant there was a sore there.

I went to the doctor that night and had him take a look and he said it looked like absolutely nothing and if it was herpes the redness wouldn't go away in one day. He diagnosed it as folliculitis and gave me a clean bill of health. I was still really freaked out though.

A few more days passed and I'm continuing to clean the area as there now is one little tiny "sore" but I'm unsure if it is only irritated because of how often I clean it or if it is actually something. It's been 5 days since I noticed it and it doesn't seem to be progressing into anything else.

Today (8 days after initial sex) I am feeling something painful on my tongue. I have had canker sores before but I'm freaking out bc it all seems too coincidental. Then I remember that while I was hanging out with this guy he showed me his tongue and said he had "bitten it the night before when he tripped".

I never thought about it again and the side of his tongue did look like it was bruised
and it looked like there were teeth marks in it but I'm wondering if it maybe they were herpes sores? If they were herpes sores in his mouth and I kissed him could I get a genital outbreak? Is that possible if we didn't have oral sex?

My vagina still feels tingly or itchy off and on but I'm wondering if it's because of all the stuff I'm putting on it to clean it? The first doc also prescribed antiviral cream for folliculitis so I've been putting that on a few times a day after I clean it.

I was freaking out so bad about the tongue thing that I went to another doctor. He looked at my tongue where it is hurting and saw nothing, he said it isn't even red or swollen. He looked at my vagina and couldn't even see what I was talking about, I guess it's only noticeable when you clean it?

He said it all looks like healthy tissue and he also said that usually within a day or two of the red itchy tingly feeling you will see an outbreak of some sort and now it has been 5 days. I just don't understand why I feel itchy and tingly still with one sore spot so soon after having a new sex partner.

I'm just confused and freaking out that this is something more than folliculitis. Could it be herpes with one minor barely there sore spot?

Please help, any info or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

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