Definitely Live Happy With Herpes

My story: well I was married for 2 years, being with that man for a total of 5 years. When I split up with him I went to work in a remote location with men left, right and center. They all were super nice. Being 1 woman to every 5 men I should have known better, but being newly single, I was not so cautious.

I met this guy that was super sweet. We had great chats and found we had a lot in common. After spending some time talking we grew closer and it turned into a friends-with-benefits kinda thing. It was a good time and the first time I had really done that sort of thing. About a week or so later I had a bit of soreness in my genital area so I talked to my best friend about it. We both had decided it was probably from all of the sex this guy and I had been having for long periods of time.

So that ended when I moved to another camp. About a month later I met this guy and we really connected and we started dating. After putting off having sex with him for a while cause I wanted to go to the Doctor to get tested and stuff done, nothing came back.

So 5 months after I started dating my partner I had my first break out. He was away at the time.. it started with one blister near the labia I had no idea what it was so I started to do some research. To me it looked like a boil. I called my mom about it and to her it sounded like a boil as well she had known a few people with boils.

Never for one minute did I thought of Herpes so I started to try and get rid of the "boil" by taking hot baths, etc. Then another had popped up out of no where.. and these to me still did not look like herpes. A week went by and I had 3 in total and swollen lymph nodes. I started more research and decided to go to the doctor even though the "boils" had been getting better. The doctor took a swab and said it didn't look like herpes but would test to make sure.

On my 26th birthday I got the news that I have HSV2. I cried for a while and then thought about my boyfriend, how do I tell him... cried some more. So I contacted my EX husband told him my news, to see if he
had cheated. He said no and I highly doubt it would be in my system for 5 years with no symptoms at all, as I had never had any problems in that area before not even a yeast infection. So I then contacted the guy I had a fling with, he was the one that I suspect as he was always worrying about getting something from me and always brought the subject up. I had just been tested not too long before him for everything, anyway doesn't matter how I got it or who I got it from.

So now time came to tell my boyfriend. He was arriving back to our place on my birthday he came in the the door with flowers and a big smile as I was sitting on the couch with stiff drink and tons of Kleenex surrounding me. I jumped up to give him a hug before he notice I was crying. I held him really tight, took a deep breath and sat him down. He was looking at me strange cause I couldn't talk for about 2 minutes. I was just sobbing afraid what he would say or react to what I was about to tell him then I just blurted it out, "I just found out I have herpes" (I had told him about the "boils" that I thought I had).

He sat there in silence for a while. I was sobbing then he said "Did you cheat on me?". It was hurtful but I can understand the reaction as most people don't know much about herpes. I had done a LOT of research after finding out the news. I told him that I didn't cheat on him and started to explain how herpes works and how some people don't know they have it.

He was very calm about the whole situation and then asked me what was going to happen now. I wasn't sure. I just knew I loved him and I still wanted to be with him.. so we took it day by day. It is now 3 months later and were doing great. I get upset about my situation sometimes just because its annoying more then anything, you can definitely live happy with herpes.

Sometimes I look at it as a good thing (in ways) you know if someone is truly interested in you and wanting to be with you or if they are just interested in the sex part. All my best to the unsure and scared, it will get better and you will get through this.. Remember you are NOT alone!

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