Dazed and Confused

Here it goes. I was given the news yesterday that I have contracted genital herpes. I was shocked and started wondering who I got it from. I was in a previous relationship for 4 yrs. And I got tested and so did he and we had no STDs.

I met a guy about 6 months ago. We had unprotected sex several times. I then was having flak pain and I was in the hospital for a few days. I got released and when I got home the doctor called and I was told I had Chlamydia. I was shocked because I was in the hospital before and I had nothing. I was no longer with my ex of 4 yrs.

Then I went to this clinic that tested me to make sure I had Chlamydia and after the treatment I was told I had herpes. I was just in the hospital a month prior and I was not diagnosed with genital herpes. So is it possible I contracted both of these from my current partner? I guess I am angry and I feel dirty and ashamed.

I was unsure if I should tell my partner, because when he was intimate with me he got Chlamydia or maybe he had this and never knew. But I decided to tell him and he was upset. I told him he might not even have it. He told me he is certain he has it. I told him if he does not have it I totally understand if he doesn't want to sleep with me anymore. He told me he is not sleeping with me or any other woman.

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