Could you still have a kid even if you’re suffering from genital herpes? Could you still drink alcohol or smoke? What creams could I use to ease the sores?

by Paul

First, I’m a thirty four year old male, and I just recently found out that I have genital herpes, I felt that my life was over and that I can’t live a normal life any more. I was going out off my mind and getting very depressed. I was just worried that everybody was going to stay away and I was never going to find a partner to share my life with, because I thought my partner was going to leave me when I told her that I was positive for herpes.

But man I’m lucky she understood and said she was going to support me in my difficult trials what a woman that just took a load off my back and made me stronger to deal with this crap.

I thought something like this would never happen to me I was an OK guy I thought I never really deserve something like that but it did and I thought it was just a dream but it was reality and I accept it in the end. I use to be all scared and try to stay away when someone had cold sores then I assume they had herpes too, look who is suffering from it now me.

Well what I’m trying to say people shouldn’t be really judgmental with people that are sick or some kind of skin disorder, because you never know when something like this could happen to u, and always try treat people nice when their in need and sick because that’s when they need the support the most.

By this happening to me it puts a different prospective in life, I see things differently and try not to take things for granted. I always think what if it wasn’t herpes it could have been aids...And then it would be harder. I see it like that sometimes it makes easier to deal with.

Well I don’t want to write a novel but my advice to people who get sick or positive result for herpes always try to find someone you trust or love or a support group to talk to about your problem, it would make it easier to deal with and it would give you strength. Because no matter how strong a person is and have to receive some bad news that will change your life dramatically, that person will fall apart and go to depression if he tries to deal with it on his own.

So if you’re positive stay strong and try to move forward don’t let the disease control you or your life. You control it I know it’s easier said than done but I see that I don’t have any other option but to fight and move forward. Take care and God bless.

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