Could it Be? Your Opinion Please?

by LG

About 15 yrs ago, my husband and I,after 7 yrs together, separated and we both were with other people. We got counseling and have worked things out and have gotten along wonderfully since. Fast forward to today...I noticed one or two raised areas on the backside of the labia, then got up this morning and there is one raised area on the other side of labia. there is no pain, itching or irritation. Doesn't look puss filled. Immediately made an apt with ob/gyn and she swabbed for a test. She said whatever it is is already healing.

My question (s) are this....1 these places only appeared 2 days again and ob/gyn said it look like they were healing/scabbed already. could herpes actually heal that quickly or could this be from chaffing ( I am a plus sized lady) 2) ob/gyn also mentioned that it was her experience that if it was herpes, when she swabbed for the test it would burn really badly, but it didn't on me. she then said that made her feel better about it. anyone else have this same experience? ..Now just to wait to hear my results..that will seem like forever!!!


Dear LG,

Based on your details, what you have is unlikely to be herpes. I’m not a doctor or a sexual health expert but the raised areas could probably be caused by friction from sexual intercourse, or if using condoms, an allergy against latex rubber.

From personal experience, a herpes outbreak usually starts with a prickly or tingling sensation from the site of initial exposure to the virus. Then can manifest into a high grade fever or body malaise. After a few days some painful, red, raised bumps that look like pimples would appear, that for females, passing urine is a nightmare. With antiviral medication, these sores would go away after about 1-2 weeks.

Great that you immediately went in for herpes testing, if possible, you could also convince your husband to take a test too. The sooner we get some answers to our medical worries (including sexual health), the sooner we know what we are up against and take some precautions.

Hang in there...



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