Contracted in Love

by Erica
(Dallas, Texas)

My HSV-2 was contracted in love. I am not mad, hurt, or pained by it. The person that gave me herpes is a great man. We have been dating for 7 months and I love him with all my heart. I never had an outbreak and I just went and got a blood test and found out I have HSV-2. I know I contracted it from him because right before him I tested negative for HSV-2. I am not the least bit mad or hurt. I was initially shocked to find out but I believe in love and sometimes things happen to test that love and this is the case.

I literally found out 2 days ago. I hear stories of people so angry and mad at the person that infected them but really what's the point? The only thing you can do is take a proactive approach and start to fight this aggravating skin condition because that is all it is.

The only reason I feel people are so up in arms about their diagnosis is that they are mentally attaching the stigma to herpes that has been innately there since before finding out. Trust me there are worse things that could have happened to me such as HIV, polio, or paralysis. If herpes is the only thing that I have to worry about then thank good heavens lol!

I love my partner so much that I have not even told him that he gave me herpes. I do not even want to pain him with this or make him feel guilty for it. I just choose to keep it to myself because I am such a strong woman that I know I
can handle this but it might devastate him to find out that he gave it to me. We are in a monogamous, relationship and we love each other so no point in worrying otherwise.

Before we met we both got tested for STDs. Sadly his doctor did not include herpes as a standard test but he got the all clear for everything else. I just looked at the results yesterday and realized that but for me I always know you have to proactively ask for herpes test which is sad and that is when I knew he really had no idea at all.

You know you truly love someone when you are willing to deal with something such as this alone versus actually creating unnecessary panic. I know you are thinking well what if things don't work out will you tell him then. Of course! and it may seem crazy but I will tell him I gave it to him and that way he can just hate me. I really will go this far to prevent him from feeling any guilt or shame.

Like I said, either way the herpes is here. So what is the point of throwing fits, crying, giving up on life, and hiding in the dark??? That to me is the actions of the weak! Stick your chest out, take your Valtrex, and start eating broccoli. I know that's what I am doing. I love my man but I love me more. As a matter of fact I love me too much to live my life to the fullest. I am the same woman that I was two days ago sheesh! I love you guys and smile its only herpes! :-)

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