I have contracted herpes about 2 years ago from my ex boyfriend cheating on me. I tried staying with him because I thought I never would find someone who would accept me. Well, that was a failure because I was miserable !!

We broke it off and a year later, I meet this amazing guy. The guy of my dreams and he even is accepting of my herpes. I was even depressed about having it so I broke down and cried to him occasionally, and he makes me feel so much better even to the point that I sometimes forget I have it.

The only problem is when we have sex. He hates condoms and always asks if we can risk it and him not wear any. I always say no. I would be devastated if I gave him herpes. Especially if we aren't going to end up married.

My gyno doesn't want me on medication because I am only 22 and she says if I am on it everyday, over years I am going to have liver problems so it's only necessary to go on when I have an outbreak more than 3 times a year. So far I've only had 1 outbreak.

So do I need to use condoms with my new man of my dreams?

How risky is the shedding?

Would him showering right after sex reduce the chances of him getting the virus?

Thanks !!

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