Cheating Isn't Worth It!

by Haley

I was diagnosed a week ago with Genital Herpes. I'm 20 with a beautiful 1 year old daughter, and a loving boyfriend of 3 years. The day I got the news, I was instantly in tears. I sent a text message and told my boyfriend right after. We didn't speak for days. I had hate in my heart and the fact that he didn't put himself in my shoes, hurt even more.

Because of my stupidity and anger towards something petty, I went out and caught something that's gonna haunt me for the rest of my life. And we did eventually talk about it, but I know he's never gonna forgive me. I wish I never met the person I caught them from. All I was trying to do was make myself happy again.

I had been talking to this guy for 2 years and never did I think he had Herpes or would be out here giving them like presents. He's 25 and has a daughter, you would think he's a little more mature about his situation. But.. what's done is done. There's no turning back now. I still believe everything happens for a reason.

I want the world to know that cheating isn't worth it. That we should all look before we leap into situations. We might be caught up in the moment, but the consequences are things that we definitely would regret in the future.

My daughter is my happiness now. Its now my job to keep her from making the same mistakes!

I cry to her everyday and even though she's only a year old and doesn't understand why I'm so sad, she still makes me smile and I feel whole again. She tries her best to cheer me up, she even just learned how to kiss. A day doesn't go by without me getting a kiss, or a hug, and she even tries to wipe away my tears.

I love her to death, and I couldn't bear leaving her to take on this cruel world alone. So despite having Herpes in my life now, I continue to be brave and strong, for my daughter.

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