Change of Plans

by young woman with HSV

Hello. I'm a 25 year old woman who contracted herpes almost two years ago. It was the most devastating day of my life and I'm finally just recovering from it. I’ll admit I made a lot of mistakes. I told people because I didn't know who to run to and told men too fast and even slept with men using protection but not telling them because I was afraid.

I eventually went back to the guys and told them. I began drinking heavily and went for the "decent" enough guy who accepted me. I stopped going to church because I was angry at God. I felt like I went around meeting guys and giving myself to them because I wanted to experience real love and I ended up with an STD for the rest of my life.

Then I realized I have to change my attitude. I have something that does not affect my health and I've never even had an outbreak, not even with all the stress and anxiety! I've informed myself about herpes and STDs (it's a surprise how ignorant you really can be) and got things back on track with my faith in God.

I'm about to graduate college and I'm learning more about myself and my happiness. I’m a witty pretty girl and most are shocked to know that I have this virus, but STDs don't discriminate.

This diagnosis has helped me become more compassionate and helped me to become a better person; otherwise I'd probably end up with a douche! I now know the right man will love me regardless and a simple virus won't stand a chance with love. I know God loves me and he chastises the children he loves. Never give up and never surrender.

With every breath there's a second chance :)

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