Can't find these answers elsewhere :(

I was diagnosed with genital HSV-1 last December so I've had the virus for about five months. I have taken the time to put myself in a more positive mindset about all of this although it took a lot of getting used to, but I have so many questions the Internet just doesn't answer. I just got my second outbreak about 11 days ago and I didn't really pay attention to how long the pain lasted. I'm just concerned about whether or not I needed medication to make it go away.

I know this may sound odd but seeing as I can't see the sores with my eyes I have to take pictures of it, look, and delete. At first it was very obvious what it was. The pain went away in about 3-4 days, but I didn't take any more pictures to check until today. I can't really tell if I still have a small sore or not but from what I've read it should have become a scab and gone away by now.

Should I go to the doctor every time I have an outbreak? It's not painful, just slightly red in color. Also, how long should I wait after my outbreak goes away to have safe (of course) sex again? I understand I am viral sometimes without symptoms but do you stay just as viral as you were with open lesions for any amount of time after they go away?

^^most important.
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This man, Ryan I shall call him, I was seeing for six months before I got the outbreak left for Maine and told me the day before. Trying to talk to him after he left was like pulling teeth and I figured he had moved on. I felt lost. I jumped immediately to okcupid and met the man that gave the herpes to me. When I told him he passed it to me he said a lot of hateful things and so I have not seen him since.

However in January Ryan came back to visit and wanted to see me. I informed him and he's been comfortable with it for the most part but when I told him a couple days ago I got another outbreak a little while ago he seemed freaked out. I told him it was his choice whether or not to have me over but to have a good night. He responded with, "good night" I know the obvious answer, he clearly wants one thing from me and I should leave him alone. But before he left for Maine we were so close it was scary.

After he came back he said he still felt bad for leaving me behind and wanted to become close again. Since our talk though he seems only interested in getting in my pants. Its odd because if you think about it he shouldn't only want sex if my virus makes him that uncomfortable to not want to see me... Thoughts? Advice? Thank you guys so much!!!!!

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Aug 11, 2014
by: Jess

OK so here are my thoughts...

If Ryan was so cruel to you when you approached him with the fact that yu are carrying the virus you should have just left him alone because you really do not need someone like that in your life.

Now I find it odd that Ryan was so cruel and then he pops back in your life and wants to see you most importantly he wants to sleep with you? So this tells me one thing and one thing only!!! HE KNEW HE HAD HERPES BEFORE HE PASSED IT TO YOU!!!!

So ask yourself do you want to continue enaging in sexual activities with a man that tore you down and denied a virus that he gave you?

I would hope that you would hold yourself with more self worth than to allow him to engage in sex with you!

There are so many men out there that would love to be with you don't be discourage and continue this relationship because perhaps you feel alone cause you are NOT alone. About 80% of the population is living with herpes.

Now most importantly yes yes yes get a antiviral medication there is no need for you to suffer threw the symptoms yes they can and will subside on there own but why suffer? You should get a primary care doctor/gyno that can fill the prescription anytime you have a break out.

I hope this helped!


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