Can't Be Mad

by Sara

Firstly, did you know you can get HSV-1 on your junk?

Yeah neither did I.

My boyfriend at the time, who is now my hubby, had a cold sore. Honestly did not think much of it until 2 weeks later and the most painful wee of my life made me have a look. I was so shocked, and angry thinking he had cheated on me and given me something, I called and broke up with him.

Took at least 3 days of pain before I went to the doctor. That's when he calmly explained I had cold sores on my junk and that there was no cure and no quick little course of antibiotics to clear it.

I almost wished it was chlamydia, wouldn't that be nice? Antibiotics and all gone forever? I spoke to my boyfriend explained what had happened, and you know what? He felt so unbelievably guilty he cried. Who even knew that happens?

This was four years ago from initial outbreak, and I'm currently sitting here with only my third outbreak typing this while husband gets a salt bath ready.

True love hey? :)

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