Can you take Lysine and Valtrex together?

I'm getting into my first relationship after being diagnosed and infected almost 3 yrs ago. ... Can you take Lysine and an anti viral med at the same time? Will they work better together than just taking one or the other? Thank you!


Dear Anonymous,

First of all, you’re doing the right thing being on suppressive antiviral therapy in your new relationship. It’s important that we do everything we can to protect our health as well as the health of those we care about.

Concerning your situation, a doctor would be the right person to consult—especially with matters such as medication. But from my personal experience, I have taken lysine as well as Valtrex albeit on separate occasions.

So here are my two cents: although Lysine and Valtrex have different components, they both work to suppress herpes outbreaks.

Valtrex is the strongest antiviral medication available for herpes that effectively reduces the frequency and severity of outbreaks.

Lyine, on the other hand, is an essential amino acid that helps the body to naturally fight off the herpes virus. Some have migraines when taking Valtrex so they prefer using Lysine.

I know some people who both take Lysine and an antiviral medication, especially when sexually active with a non positive partner. So far they haven’t experienced any side effects although this regimen can get quite expensive.

Do know that what works for some may not necessarily work for others. With all these options of herpes treatment, it may take some trial and error before we come across a treatment that works. Best is to have a thorough discussion with your doctor.

All the best,



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